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Ladies’ Retreat

Well, I’m down in Victoria at a retreat for the weekend with a bunch of ladies from our church and other churches. I have looked forward to this.

We ate out at Swiss Chalet, went to register, had a time of singing, a message from the speaker, and snacks to follow. We were all given gift bags full of little goodies.

The first thing I spotted was one of my favourite things ~ a FAN!!!!!

I took out a small card with a pin at the top. This card explained the contents of our baggies, which matched the theme of the retreat, “Put on the Armour of God”. 

Intriguing. What could a fan possibly have to do with the armour of God, I wondered? (See explanation below. Haha!!!!!!)

Here’s a closer shot of the little pin….

I found another useful piece of armour 😉

A notebook for the sessions:

Plus all the other contents on the list…….
We are well equipped 😉
Looking forward to the weekend.
Ann ❤

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