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Popping Bubbles

I do enjoy popping bubbles! I keep a small supply on hand, for when I feel bored and for when I have little visitors who need something to do, though I am often a bit reluctant to share my stash! Yes, I’m quite possessive about my bubble wrap! I hate to see people just throw it out with the empty package. I will always ask if I can please have it.




I have bubble popping games on my phone too, which are there for myself and kids when there is no bubble wrap on hand. The thing about that is that never runs out. It is not quite as satisfying as the real thing though. Never could be! The noise is great, but the squishy feeling of the bubble, the pressure to burst, that feeling is lost in the phone app.




I found this story this morning and just had to share it. I love how bubble wrap was used to bring purpose to a life that needed it. This is a great story! It blessed my heart ❤







AJ ❤

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