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Relationships Are Not Easy (but they are worth it)

The Facebook article below (see  link) is so true.
I’ve been in these situations on both ends of the matter.

What I try to remember now is that God knows my heart and my intent and He knows yours too.
I can be forgiven. I can forgive. Because of God.
God is in the business of heart/soul repair, whether it is your heart/soul or mine that is damaged. 

He restores, renews and replenishes the grieving, broken wastelands caused by hurt and pain.
Bring it all to Him…..

Live in His love…….
May joy and peace of spirit be yours….
AJ ❤
Link to a Facebook post of mine which features a post from Embracing the Journey of Living Loved, dated Dec 17, 2013.

This is the text from EJLL’s post for those of you who can’t see it or find it:
“Sometimes life is tricky…

Things are said/or not said and misunderstanding sets in…

Things are done/or not done and assumptions are made…

Tears are shed…

Sometimes life is tricky…

Conversation is embarked upon and quickly spirals downhill…

Oh the anguish of knowing that words cannot be retrieved…

Tears are shed…

Sometimes life is tricky…

Maybe I’ve misunderstood…??

Maybe I’ve assumed…??

Maybe I’ve been too hasty…??

Tears are shed…

Sometimes life is tricky…

Perhaps an ‘I’m sorry’ is needful…??

Perhaps forgiveness is greater than the satisfaction of ‘I’m right’…??

Tears are shed…

Sometimes life is tricky…”

AJ ❤

4 comments on “Relationships Are Not Easy (but they are worth it)

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    December 18, 2016



  2. jazzyjenness
    December 20, 2016

    Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family.

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