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Pet Peeve
Drivers who block me from exiting my parking lot.
I was in a rush today. Turns out I accidentally double booked myself, so I was rushing out to the first appointment. I was about to back out of my parking spot when I saw the big truck entering the lane. No! Oh well…wait for him to pass and get out of the way.
He comes along the entry lane and parks right in the rear of my truck! I can’t back out! I honk my horn. He does not budge. I get out and approach the fellow in the passenger side.

“I need to get out”, I say. He says ” We have to wait for the fellow behind us to move”. I look, spot a small truck, and I say, “He CAN’T move til you get out of the way. He can’t reverse. The lane is blocked at that end. He needs YOU to move…..”

Much waving of hands. Unintelligible speech. I feel cross. I’m late already and I’m stuck.
I repeat that HE needs to move. Then finally he indicates that he will move. I get back in my truck and I’m ready to move out when he leaves. Well, I have to wait for the truck that was behind him also trying to get out. Then I back into the opposite lot after that truck, hoping to get out now.

But no, the big truck is backing in again, in FRONT of me! Aaaargh! Now the fellow from the smaller truck is gesticulating grandly indicating that I may leave the area. I’m too cross to pay him any mind, to smile or say thank you.

I charge off in my little red pick up wondering at this new creature who has gotten under my skin. Where did SHE come from? Am I turning into a crochety little old lady? I try to calm down as I head to my appointment.

Once that was done, I drive home and guess what? Truck in the driveway still, but not in my way, fortunately. I sigh, and feeling calmer. I go to find the guy to apologise for my rude and frustrated behaviour. He is unloading things and I apologise for earlier. He is taken aback and that’s when I realize that this probably is NOT the same truck or driver.

He thanks me anyway and says I have no idea what he comes across in his job and he appreciates me coming to apologise, even though it wasn’t him. Makes him feel good.

Haha! I feel better 😉

Apologies, even misplaced ones, are good for the soul…..

AJ  😉  😛


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