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A State of Confusion

Newsflash: WordPress shifts the stats button……WHY?

How do I know I’m really focused on my stats?
Well, this morning my index finger goes for bottom button on the menu to check what’s new in stats. Who’s been reading what, where, and how many? 
However, the powers that be at WordPress, in their infinite “wisdom”, and perhaps just to confuse us, have suddenly moved that button from the BOTTOM of the menu to the very TOP. My finger isn’t yet aware of this new change, so it automatically goes to the bottom button, and presses that, which brings now brings up……..what? Choices of WordPress plans? What did they do with my stats?????

The button at the top of the menu used to say view site. Now that is in SECOND place. How confusing is that? I liked the view site button at the top, where it belonged. Top and bottom. My home buttons. How to mess with my OCD…..!!!!
So, the WordPress people made changes. Again. Just to keep us on our toes? Or what? To reveal our automatic focus? 😉 😛
Wow. Some things will never change. I think WordPress is getting to be as bad as Facebook 😉
Constant change is here to stay…..that’s what “they” say 😉
AJ 😉 😛

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