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Just Wow! (Caution, sensitive content!)


Male to female sex reassignment surgery.



This brought tears to my eyes….

Just wow……

I cannot imagine the distress that would cause someone to want to go through with something like this….unimaginable!


I’m not about to comment much one way or the other on this topic. I’m just putting it out there for you to see………

The only thing I WILL say here is that I’m personally glad to be in a situation where I’m happy with what God gave me, with the designation I have. Is that politically incorrect these days? I wonder……..

Occasionally I question whether  I was supposed to be a man, or not, but I don’t want to trade in my female parts to become one. Such pain, to be so ill at ease with your body to have to go to such great lengths. I cannot begin to comprehend the depths of that…..



One comment on “Just Wow! (Caution, sensitive content!)

  1. Deb
    April 26, 2016

    I will always be grateful to science. Some of the painful stories I hear and read about…if this brings them some peace of sorts,then gratitude is important.

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