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On Fridays, at lunch time, I go to the Lighthouse Soup Kitchen with a ministry team. We sing and play for the people who come to have lunch. It’s always a very rewarding time.

I love to sing and play. It’s good to bring some music and joy to people who are going through hard times. They are so very appreciative. Our team considers it a real blessing to able to do this together.

So I went there today, even though I was tired and had trouble lugging my accordion around. I wanted to be there. I was not going to miss.

We hadn’t started our session yet. We were just setting up. I was trying to hang my scarf over my chair, when I took a tumble backwards off the stage, down a couple of stairs and ended up rather unceremoniously on my back on the floor!

I was instantly surrounded by a sea of concerned faces, everyone asking if I was OK, or if I needed help to get up. I said “No, I just need to stay still for a bit”. So I stayed still til I felt I could safely move.

I had  hurt my right shoulder and my right hand because it took a fair bit of the pressure of the fall, but I was laughing because I felt so foolish with everyone staring down at me and I just could not get up. I was helped up eventually and everyone returned to the business of getting and eating lunch now that I was ok and mobile.

Nice to know that people care. I was really touched by their concern for my welfare. People are so kind.

I think I’m going to be sore…..

AJ…….. O.o

2 comments on “SPLAT!!!!

  1. Bugger ..hope you doing ok now take it easy,there’s to something around pushing ones self to do things when we tired then we hurt our selves in the process!
    Take things slowly

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