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Panic…I need HELP!


I tried to unpin a blog post. I had made it sticky, to stay on top, and it looks like my action DELETED my post!!!!

I can’t find it ANYWHERE!

Has this happened to anyone?

Can I somehow retrieve it?

It was titled “A Letter To My Dream Reader”, for the Blogging 101 course….all I see now are the comments that were made on it!


6 comments on “Panic…I need HELP!

  1. mentalbreakinprogress
    October 18, 2015

    Hi Ann! 🙂 If you go to your “WP Admin” link under “My Sites” in the top right hand corner, look for “posts” and click on “all posts” there should still be a draft of it there…I’m not an expert but hopefully this helps! 🙂


    • annj49
      October 18, 2015

      Thank you!

      I had been praying about this and was pretty much in tears over my lost post, and asking the Lord to help me find it again. I had searched carefully (twice) through my notes on my phone, where I was sure I had a copy, and in my Word program on my Mac. Nothing! So I posted for help.

      I had no draft, unfortunately, perhaps because I had not made the post using one. However, when I used the search bar and it took me to the now empty box for this post I saw a publish box to the right of the lost post, and it had a revisions section, showing 12 revisions!!!!

      I got excited about that and pressed the link to show the latest revision, the 12th revision. It came up, and had a repost button that was not highlighted and could not be used. BLAST!

      However, I thought, “Try again”, and pressed for the 11th edition. There it was! The link was highlighted and it worked! YAY!!!!!!

      Thanking the Lord (and YOU, of course) for being able to restore my post!

      Amazing!!!!! ❤

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      • mentalbreakinprogress
        October 19, 2015

        So happy you found your post Ann! 😀 (((hugs))) You are most welcome and I’m glad I could help! The Lord works in mysterious ways as they say 🙂 Ask and you shall receive! lol 🙂 xo

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        • annj49
          October 19, 2015

          I managed to get it on the sidebar now under my picture, where I had wanted to place it. I’m LEARNING! 🙂 😉

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          • mentalbreakinprogress
            October 19, 2015

            No worries! lol I had many heart stopping moments like yours before I became comfortable with WordPress….I had no idea what I was really doing at first…A year later and I’m still learning new stuff! lol

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          • annj49
            October 19, 2015

            Learning is good. I have lots to do yet, and it has been a year for me too….

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