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Buttons Again!

Jayden, my granddaughter, is back and the buttons are out again. Sorting is fun! We can do this for hours!

She had said, “Grandma, I’m bored!”. So we went to look for something to do and found the button bag. Got out a tray, and here we go! Not bored any more!

I’m so happy that my other son and his daughter have arrived today on a surprise visit to spend a few days with me, even if, right now, both he and my other boy (who has been visiting too) are snoring away while Jayden and I visit 😉

All of my tiny family are here in my home. It really helps take the sting out of the anniversary of my husband Jim’s passing 9 years ago yesterday.

Family ❤


One comment on “Buttons Again!

  1. Val
    April 2, 2015

    Nothing like children to deal with the reminder of loss. And buttons are awesome 🙂

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