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Just Another Sunday….

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I attend this church in my home town. It’s a young church plant, with young families and lots of children. If you look around the site you will see articles and sermon links you can peruse. I like my church. It’s pretty solid in its beliefs and ideas. I don’t agree with everything, of course, but I’m very happy there.

This morning, I went off to church, unsuspecting. You know, you go, sometimes wanting to be elsewhere (some friends I don’t see often were in town). You listen to the music, which is great, by the way. You sing and get blessed. You listen to the sermon. I love that we can participate, because it’s dialogical preaching. The pastor asks questions and you can respond.

Well, during the singing, I got a lump in my throat. It was the words. Somehow it all spoke deeply into my being, and then I could hardly sing. Wow.

Then Mark, our pastor spoke. He is doing a series called “Obey Jesus”. This message was called “Sit in the Lowest Place”. He read scripture, Luke 14:1-11. I listened. He asked questions, I responded.

I thought about the scripture I was hearing. There was also Proverbs 25: 6 & 7, Proverbs 29: 23, Ephesians 4: 32 and Philippians 2: 1-8. Some of it hit me hard and brought some past things to mind. Another lump in the throat. I must admit that I did go off on another trail at some point during the sermon, looking for a scripture I was reminded of that was escaping my mind, and my propensity to OCD would not let me rest til I found it, but I could still hear what Mark was saying.

The scripture I was reminded of was Proverbs 27, verse 2, which says  “Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.” It was relevant to what I was hearing. It deals with pride.

Mark began to talk about communion and what it meant. I thought about that in light of the sermon message. I realised I needed this communion. I needed repentance, forgiveness, and a new direction. I prayed, and the lump grew bigger as the singing began again. I went and took communion on my own, then returned to my seat. I sang some, but the tears kept coming and the lump in my throat made me sit and listen and just look at the song words. So the tears fell, but I knew something important was happening, and it was OK. it was GOOD. It was HEALING.

After the service, I had a coffee and a bit of pumpkin bread…yum! I met a lady whose husband was in one of the senior’s lodges, the one where I was scheduled to sing today with a Salvation Army ministry team, New Horizons. She shared her story in tears, and I felt for her. We hugged. We would see each other later in the afternoon, at the service at the lodge, with her husband.

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New Horizons.

At 1:30, we were at New Horizons lodge, singing. It was such a huge blessing today. Sometimes there is not a lot of response, just some visible signs of awareness scattered here and there. Today was different. There was definite energy! The group of senior residents attending seemed cohesive somehow. They were singing along out loud to old familiar hymns and clapping to the songs. Staff were coming and going and singing along too. So encouraging! The residents listened to the short message by our team leader. We sang happy birthday to one resident, the husband of the lady I met at church. We did the rounds of the group, greeting and visiting a little. This ministry is such a blessing to me, and lifts my spirits so much, regardless of the response, but today was a bonus!

After the lodge ministry, we went to Timmy’s, as is our custom, for a treat. We talked about the amazing time at the lodge, what a joy it was, and caught up on some of our personal news. I purposely kept my phone in my purse for a change, and that felt good. It can get in the way. I’m learning 😉

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So, just another Sunday…….but God spoke into it in a very real way!



AJ ❤

2 comments on “Just Another Sunday….

  1. gw
    March 2, 2015

    I love the the Lord’s “surprise” visits! Thank you for sharing this one!

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  2. annj49
    March 2, 2015

    Thanks for reading!


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