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Being Intentional


I have decided I need to be more intentional in the use of my phone, instead of letting it control me with all of its beeps, bops and badges, which have me checking it every few minutes. I might be able to focus better on writing something of substance, and on getting other life tasks done in a timely manner.

So, I’ve gone through and turned off various notifications, even Facebook, WordPress (yes, my two most favourite places to hear from!) and Mail, and now my phone is quiet and I am feeling WEIRD. I’m sure this too shall pass 😉

I know that initially I will pick up my phone often and stare at it mindlessly for quite some time, like I usually do when nothing is bopping and whizzing. I hope to get out of that habit. I do want to be more in control, and much more intentional about the use of my phone.

So, my readers and friends, if I don’t immediately respond on Facebook or WordPress, you will know why. I will get there in time. If it’s urgent, give me a call.

I think that’s what phones were originally meant for 😉

Haha! 😉 😛


3 comments on “Being Intentional

  1. Benny McGrath
    February 5, 2015

    I was thinking about this photographic and pasting it in my lock screen for the same reason.

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    • annj49
      February 5, 2015

      Thanks for sharing that, Benny! 🙂


  2. ChrisB
    February 5, 2015

    Good for you It is important to be intentional I think and phones can be such a distraction.

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