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What I Did Today


OK. This should be a good indication of just how old my reader is. Do you know what it is that I am doing?

Well? What is it? Come ON!!!!!

Times up! DING!!!!!!

My day began with trying to “fix” the old cassette Karaoke machine I had that my husband and I used to use for singing. There were two tapes handy from my last aborted attempt to use this machine to play them. Both had played a little and then quit. I wanted to try again.

This time I heard my husband say 3 words, “That young lady…..”, before the machine garbled everything. I pulled the tape out. AAARGH!!!! Mangled tape, tons of it! I managed to get that extricated entirely from the machine and then reconciled myself to fixing it. Ho-hum!

The last time I did a major fix was on a drum tape of my Dad in January of 1987. One morning I just woke up and knew I wanted to listen to my Dad play drums. I had been in Canada for a while and my Dad was still back in Scotland. He had plans to come see me. Soon, he had said. Exciting! I loved my Dad and missed him dearly.

When I found the cassette tape, to my dismay the tape was hanging out of it all in a tangled mess. Ugh! Lucky for me, part of my training as a teacher in the late 60’s was how to cut and splice tape. I don’t recall what type of tape we handled, just the process, so I did my best to untangle the masses of tape, and cut and spliced to repair. It worked. I had my Dad back playing the drums! I was happy!

Shortly after that, something very strange happened. I was going to the store and was only really a few steps from the house when I came to a complete halt, feeling very terrible. I could not move, so I just stood. It was scary and confusing.

When I felt I could move I wasn’t sure which way to turn, so I went home and called my missionary friend. I told her what happened to me. She advised reading my bible and prayer. I felt very uneasy, so I did both and felt a bit better. It was very odd.

Later that day, I received a call from home, from Scotland, saying my Dad had had a stroke, which had killed him. In tears, my first impulse was to retreat to the bedroom with my cassette player and my newly fixed tape of my Dad playing drums and humming along in accompaniment. I stayed there and played that over and over as I cried my eyes out. It was a comfort. In retrospect, I knew now why it had been so important to find it and fix it.

Fast forward to January 2015. Here I was again, fixing a cassette tape, an important one. I was thinking about that time in 1987, but this time there was no portent of anything strange going on. Thank goodness! The only similarity in these two events besides fixing a cassette tape that really mattered is that my Dad and my husband both left this world for another, my Dad in January 1987, and my husband in March 2006.

Well, it’s done, but I must find a different player because my Karaoke mangled it slightly again. Not so bad this time. I did not need to take the whole thing apart. Not using that machine again!

That’s the story of what I did today!


4 comments on “What I Did Today

    January 14, 2015

    I hope you can find something to play your tapes on. I don’t know if you could find anything now. A camera and video shop might be able to help. Good luck. I think you had better recycle your Karaoke machine! 🙂


    • annj49
      January 14, 2015

      There is a cassette player in our building lounge downstairs. If i can play that grad tape I better record it. The other tape I was trying to play is of my husband and I singing together, probably the only one I have of us.

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