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I’m fighting with 2 computers and my TV! It has been almost 7 hours now! Sometimes I wish I was not quite so determined or not quite so OCD about things…..

I’m trying to get Netflix to run on other laptops rather than my Mac, because I like to USE the Mac without having it tied to the TV. One laptop is a Toshiba Pro Satellite, Windows XP, that used to interact properly with theTV and now won’t, and one is a good Toshiba mini laptop.

The big old Toshiba Pro laptop needed various updates because I’ve not used it in a while. So that was time consuming. Update windows. Update Norton. This laptop was my first choice to use as a stationary Netflix computer for the TV.

This dinosaur XP can take up to 10 attempts just to get it going, then, without fail, it has to have the time adjusted from year 2006 to current before things work. After that it is fine, and I got it all updated too. However, first there was something about cookies to try to deal with. Unsuccessful. Then something called Silverlight was required to uninstall and reinstall to run Netflix. For some reason it wasn’t working and the computer screen would not act directly with the tv screen. I had to move things into the tv screen from the laptop and that was clumsy and annoying. Then the sound refused to turn up. AAARGH!@

*Sigh. Try the mini laptop. Needs updates. OK. Do the whole process all over again on Windows 8. Get windows updates. Get Norton updates. Load up Netflix. Uninstall Silverlight. Try to reinstall Silverlight. Stuck again, waiting for the little circulating symbol to clear off the screen. Now windows wants to check solutions to my problem. The screen says “You are almost ready to watch “Vector” ” but it has been over an hour since I reinstalled Silverlight and at least 7 hours since I began working on this!


About to rip my hair out, scream, or just go bananas! HELP!!!!! This is CRAZY!


And suddenly, things decide to start working! Oh my! IF it works, I still have to make sure the SOUND will work!

Hmm, now the browser won’t close down and windows wants to “fix” it. Huh! Control/alt/delete. Fixed. Now to get it open again. Stare hard at unproductive screen for several long minutes…….

Activate Silverlight? Well……yes!!!!!!! Of course!!!!! Pleeeeeeease!!!!!


GRRRRRRRRR!!!!! No, Wait……


YAY!!!! Watch the red symbol go round and round now….

Ahah! Success! maybe? Why such low sound. Not the TV.

Argh! Sound is only on the tiny laptop!

Wait for the update! 😉

2 comments on “Fighting!

  1. annj49
    December 21, 2014

    Update: Did not get either laptop to work. Ah well, such is life 😉


  2. annj49
    February 7, 2015

    Back to using the new Mac……


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