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Missing My Husband


I went out on my own tonight, Jim, as has been my custom lately, and I did enjoy myself listening to local musicians at Serious Coffee. I think you would have enjoyed it too, if you had been here still. You and I might have sung and played together and it would have been such fun.


On the way home, I cried, because I am alone and without company. That part of my life is gone. I asked God once again “Why? Why did you take my Jim?”, even though I know the answers.

My Jim’s life was complete. He was finished the tasks he had been given. He loved His Lord and he was ready to meet Him.


There is still a lot for me to learn, and it looks as though those things have to be learned while I am on my own, so I’m still here. I need to have the courage to keep moving along into whatever God has for me to do.

I have to trust in God’s goodness and that He alone knows what is best for me. I need to thank Him for the opportunity to live this out, with Him, every step of the way.



I miss you, Jim ❤


6 comments on “Missing My Husband

  1. Julia Manuel
    November 29, 2014

    Oh Ann…my sincere condolences for your loss. I cannot imagine though I know I too will have to experience this one day. Sigh…holding you gently in my heart dear one.
    On a side note, do you live in Victoria? Only place I know of that has Serious Coffee ☺

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    • annj49
      November 29, 2014

      No, I live in Campbell River. There are more SC’s on the island, but not all have live music. I love it!

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      • Julia Manuel
        November 29, 2014

        Aaaaah I didn’t realize it was province wide – that’s awesome! Live music kicks ☺

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        • annj49
          November 29, 2014

          Loved making music with my husband. It was pretty much an every day part of our lives together. So yes, I enjoy watching the dynamics of it all, but it also makes me miss him at times. Last night was just one of those times.

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          • Julia Manuel
            November 29, 2014

            I can relate. My love of music began with my Dad…he passed in 2012…took two years before I could sing & play guitar again. And then I cried through the song ☺

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          • annj49
            November 29, 2014

            Yes, I understand that very well. It took me a long time to pick up my accordion again and to sing. Now I sing and play sometimes at senior lodges as part of a ministry outreach team. I hope you will continue to use your talent.

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