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Journey With My Mom, #8

January 24, 2013, journey with My Mom, #7

Mom was quite a bit more responsive….talkative today…..and saying some whole sentences, which was nice. I don’t always understand what she is saying but it’s great to hear her try…..

A morning carer told me that when she was repositioning Mom in the bed, Mom said to her, “Be careful……”
(the whole moving process hurts Mom, but has to be done)

Mom talked on a phone call with my sister for a few minutes, which made my sister really happy, because she hasn’t wanted to try, thinking Mom would not recognise her, and Mom surprised her……

When I was giving her tea, I said “Try this, Mom, it’s nice and warm. She took a couple of sips and then said “Nice and warm……”

When I asked her later if she would like to try some custard, she said, “Custard with fruit in it……” She ate 3 teaspoons of fruity favoured custard with great relish…..

Getting the food in is a lot of work and Mom gets tired. When she was done her afternoon snack today, she said, “Bit sleep…….”

So we both napped! Mom on her bed, me on the couch…… Though I got more sleep last night, I am still fighting off a cold……

She drank a whole bottle of ensure for one evening carer…….surprised all of us! She got a lot more liquids in today, which is great!

I didn’t get a goodnight response out of Mom tonight, but I am encouraged anyway!

Thank You Lord!

Thank you, praying friends

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