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Nothing Much…..

November 1, 2014

Nothing much…..

“I’ve not done much today,” I told a young friend, “except help a neighbour with her laptop and chat to another neighbour and pay my rent and a few bills.

Oh, and I hugged the lady next door when passing by.

Oh, and chatted with my granddaughter….”

As I thought about this and the things of the day came to me, I realized that my initial thought of a rather empty day was not really the truth. It had been busy and fairly complex, not as isolated or inactive as I had thought.

I had realized, shortly after dressing, and much to my dismay, that I had forgotten to put in my rent cheque, so I got out the cheque book, got that ready and took it down to the office. WHEW! DONE! The third day of trying to remember to do it! The manager had had to remind me yesterday…..

On my way, I saw my neighbour. We live right next door but don’t see much of each other at all. I was so surprised and so happy to see her. I said “I haven’t seen you for ages! C’m’ere, I want to give you a hug!” We hugged right there in the hallway and she said “Thanks! I needed that!”

Another neighbour had called me first thing, before I had a chance to have tea or breakfast, exasperated with her online banking. So I told her I’d come by right away if she had tea or coffee on.

She is older than I am, is easily frustrated with anything online, and new to paying bills at her bank using her laptop. Brave lady! So we worked through it again, step by step, til it got done. I got coffee too…..and some company.

I got home, got out the budget on the laptop and went online to my own bank to pay a few of MY bills. But not yet!!

Another neighbour, an elderly man, called me, just to see how I was doing, and we chatted for a half hour or so, just encouraging each other along the way. A nice visit. Nice when someone cares.

Then I got out the budget got some bills paid. Great! Feels GOOD! Some more to come out of the bank automatically in the days ahead. Just have to be patient. All the money is earmarked for some expense or other, even if it looks good at the bank for a few days. Life on a small pension!

Ah! A message from my son! No…..
Wait……that’s Jayden using her Dad’s account! Yay! Time with my granddaughter! Messaging, exchanging pics, sending emoticons. FUN! What a blessing! ❤

Then some browsing of Facebook. Not been able to do that for a while. I’ve mostly been on messenger, texting, or on WordPress! Interesting to catch up just a little.

Back to my young friend on Facebook messenger and it’s time to do our devotional together, My Utmost for His Highest. Reading and exchanging thoughts about the message. It’s a good exercise and interesting to compare notes on what it means to us. Love it!

So, what did I do today?

Nothing much….. 😉 😛

2 comments on “Nothing Much…..

  1. Gwen
    November 1, 2014

    (y) We’re always doing something.


    • annj49
      November 1, 2014

      Yup! I see i need to edit that post!


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