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God’s Comfort in a Dream

God’s Comfort in a Dream

(This happened 6 years ago, but I’m sharing it here today…….)

September 7, 08

I have just experienced some kind of weird and wonderful and AWESOME milestone in my journey into grief!

I am just going WOW! WOW! WOW! This morning, and praising and thanking God for His goodness to me!

I awoke from a dream. Normally a dream like that would have caused me to cry out loud, to sob uncontrollably into my pillow in grief. Instead I am filled with satisfaction and wholeness and HOPE!

I dreamed of my late husband, James, my Jim.

He was alive again in my dream and he fell into the water and I couldn’t get anyone to rescue him. I tried the phones, I tried the VHF radio pone. I ran and looked for people, but there was no-one and he was gone.

I was telling my mission friends and dealing with that grief of losing him (again) and then some people said wait and they brought him in from the ocean! I ran to him and we had this awesome HUG of complete abandonment, that was one fierce hug, like I was NEVER gonna let him go again EVER……and I was telling him “This time I wasn’t going to keep anything, I was going to get rid of EVERYTHING (that would remind me of you)………”

And I woke up. I thought……he’s gone….he DIED. Usually I would cry right out aloud and be sobbing into my pillow because of the thought of James and the reality of loss, instead it just felt like I’d had an absolute gift from God and I got up and I have been going WOW ever since, like WOW, it’s like some awesome milestone in this journey through grief.

I’m just praising and thanking God for His goodness to me….how He could let me have that hug with my husband, that healing I needed. It was totally REAL, even though it was a dream…….

I am feeling more rested, more healed and more whole than I have felt in the two years he has been gone, it’s something amazing

Do I sound like I’m nuts? Hehehehehe because I really don’t care! Hahahahahahahaha

Something fell into place and it’s very cool….I just have to figure out what it all is……but I’m happy!

I had shared with a couple of people my need for a HUG, a simple (non sexual) HUG………

This was an answer to prayer, I am sure……..a gift from God, and it didn’t have to be the new man in my life I have been” longing” for 🙂 Probably better this way anyway……

God Himself fulfilled my needs…….in the most practical way!

This has increased my faith……(a real faith builder!)

God is sufficient…….



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