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The Journey

A poem that came from a conversation with a friend, Jan 8, 2014. Still working on this one…….

The Journey

“The spirit is willing
But the flesh is weak”
These are the words
My Mom would speak
As I grew up

Easily said.
And Jesus said it first
Is it an excuse for us?
A reason not to try?

For to train the flesh
To follow the Spirit
Is a painful thing

Like a seed
Planted in the dark night of the soil
It has to rot.
It has to die.
Before true life can come.

Roots must go DOWN
Down deep into the night of the soil
A strong anchor
To withstand
All that might assail

Shoot must force its way UP
Up through the night of the soil
And OUT …..
Out into the light of day

To be all that it was designed to be.

Imagine, if you can, the struggle.
The not knowing
The not understanding

The question “Why?”
Hovering, waiting for an answer
When none comes

Imagine the knowing
This MUST be done
A matter of life and death
Imagine the struggle
To DO it

Like the birth of a child.
Moving from the soft darkness
Inside the safety and comfort of Mamma’s womb
The knowing

A journey
To where?

To the unfamiliar
The unimagined world
Outside of all knowing

A journey
From the depths of the dark
To the startling bright of day

Giving way

Hard to imagine
Who could know
What awaits in the world
Outside the womb?
This safe kind of a “tomb”

Here we are in this life
What do we know of the next?
The one to come?

All this struggle
Between flesh and Spirit
We are surely and sorely vexed

Growth in dark places
The deep of the night
A journey to life
A journey to light

Putting roots down
Anchoring deep in the Lord
Trusting His goodness

Withstanding assault
By the truth of His word

Not knowing
Not understanding
Asking “Why?”

Pushing on
Straining through
Casting off the seed jacket
The old flesh
To die
Sprouting the shoot of the new

Forcing UP and OUT
To where?
To new life, our next home
Somewhere unknown
Beyond this struggle

Out of the darkness of earth’s womb
Out of the dark night of the soil
A kind of a “tomb”

Into the blinding light of the heavenly places
Into the company of many missed and dearly loved faces

This journey we’re on…..
We are weak and we know it
In the power of HIS strength
Is the way we will do it

Look to Him, and be filled
There in Him, find it ALL
Equipped and encouraged
Picked up when we fall

Naught of our own
Naught in the flesh
And again, NO!

No pride can we speak

“The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”

Ann Justin, January 8, 2014




6 comments on “The Journey

  1. keelymyles
    October 19, 2014

    Ii like how you wove several concepts of Christian growth together. There is pain in growth to be sure…

    Liked by 1 person

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    • annj49
      January 5, 2018

      Thank you so much for the guest spot! I appreciate that very much! 😀


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    • annj49
      January 16, 2018

      Thank you so much for sharing my work 🙂


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