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August 6, 08

Something I read the other day has given me pause for thought…..

Here is what jumped out and hit me from Our Daily Bread (Radio Bible Class Ministries) devotional yesterday (Aug 5, 08)……

“Misunderstandings must be EXPOSED before true understanding can flourish”

I just couldn’t get over the impact , the POWER of that little sentence……….

As I was pondering on this, I got a letter from a good friend who said this……..which just expanded on it! He said:

“When we see disagreements, and most of these come purely from MISUNDERSTANDING we need to come together and reason together until we can see things clearly from God’s perspective. Once we have God’s perspective then we can see clearly as servants of God which is the proper position for both parties to take and make the appropriate adjustments within ourselves.”

And then I saw that my friend had also said this!

“As God’s people we need to come and reason together for the purpose of working out our differences. If we are in a disagreement about something one of us is right OR WE ARE BOTH WRONG.”

Wow! That is refreshing! It’s not so easy to think that way, is it? We like to think that one has to be right and the other wrong! And that is usually the way we see things, isn’t it? When we have a difference, I am right and so YOU must be WRONG, or vice versa, but how true IS that? If I think about what my friend said, I COULD be right, but I COULD be equally wrong!

I remember times in my marriage where our disagreement was so fierce, but where really when it came down to it we were both WRONG! And what we really needed was to pray and seek God, go THROUGH the disagreement and clear up the misunderstandings so that we could BOTH see the error of our way!

So, is it really the TRUTH that I need to come around to YOUR way of thinking, or you need to come around to MINE? No, because we are both just human and fallible and we both have things to learn, and we need to remember that GOD IS TRUTH and HIS ways are truth. ALL His ways are righteous. HE is the plumb line……..

“Who is like unto thee, O Lord among the gods? Who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?” Exodus 15:11


“God’s syllabus for His children’s education includes training through hardships” (ODB, RBC, Aug 7, 08)

Learning something new every day!

Your sister in Christ……



4 comments on “Misunderstandings

  1. idiotwriter
    October 19, 2014

    SUCH a hard on isn’t it!? I think in marriage especially (but not only) when one is not interested in going through it to get untangle how the misunderstanding occurs. That is an interesting conundrum to face 😉 Depends so much on the path we walk and where on the path we each are. When one may be aware and able to progress beyond disagreement toward misunderstanding so the truth of each party can be seen…but the other – simply put – is not up for the work. Cool post!

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  2. Dawn Cook-Skreamer
    December 9, 2014

    Thank you! This continues to be a struggle, even when I am aware. The reminder from you was sweet and gentle. I will try to be more gentle with myself.

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