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Thanksliving #1

ThanksLIVING, a message from Paul Emmer.

(This is originally from my Facebook from last year, but it bears sharing again here, this year.)

Carberry E-Free, October, 13, 2013


I almost did NOT go to church today, but I’d so glad I DID! What a vibrant message! What a motivational speaker! Talk about overflowing a spilling out over the edges!
What a blessing:)

I am encouraged today by a man called Paul Emmer that life is not just about thanksgiving this weekend but about thanksLIVING every single moment of every single day!

A good reminder……..

Please WATCH!

A little slow out of the starting gate, perhaps, but my goodness, it just keeps on winding up and WINDING UP with all the good stuff! This guy is REALLY excited about Jesus and life in Him!  I hope you listen in 😉 I was surprised to see the back of my head as I sat in the congregation, front left, right at the end of the clip. The first one to get the candy! Haha!

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