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ThanksLIVING #3

October 14, 2014

ThanksLIVING, #3

I was concerned about my feelings around Thanksgiving this year, as I appeared to be becoming too introspective and focused on how I was feeling as a widow, with remaining family, my two grown boys,and one grandchild, basically gone from me. As I dwelt upon the feelings of loneliness, and thought about loss of first my husband, and then my remaining family all busy on their own pursuits, I recognized that it wasn’t the best place for me to be, in this selfishness of thought. So, I pondered how to “heal” this holiday season of Thanksgiving.

I mentioned in an earlier post (Choosing to Celebrate) that I had contacted a church about helping to serve dinner to the needy, and been directed somewhere else to offer to help out the next day. I was thinking this would help get my focus off of myself and my own needs and onto others and their needs. There is nothing like reaching out, and Thanksgiving is, after all, a time to be thankful and to share blessings.

Well, I finally did make contact with a small church, but they had enough helpers that day for their Sunday lunch and they asked me to return the following day. So, this is how I went out Monday morning, Thanksgiving Day here in Canada, to a small but active local church, Radiant Life,
to volunteer my services in delivering a Thanksgiving lunch to the homeless and needy of my town. It turned out to be a blessing!

I was a bit nervous about dishing out food portions, since I’m not used to it, and working in close quarters with relative strangers who knew what they were doing, but it went very well, and it was lovely to see so many very thankful people getting to be somewhere out of the cold and the rain, and being fed some very wholesome food. Many smiles, many expressions of real thanksgiving. I was blessed to be a small part of this project!

After being on my feet for two and a half hours, I was tired, but CONTENT and I was encouraged enough to call a nearby single nephew to ask what he was doing and whether he wanted to share in a small meal with me and watch a movie, that evening. He was glad for the invite and it was good for both of us to have company on Thanksgiving Day.

Reaching out helped me to reach out….

Thank You, Lord!

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