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I dreamed a dream
Of my lost love, my Jim
He was there, in the unfamiliar house
Doing familiar things
With me
We lived life together again
For those moments.

I lay with him
Looked into his dearly missed face
Said simply “I love you”
With all the fullness of my heart
In those words

He was motionless
Face completely inscrutable
Spoke not a word at all
There would be no response
No reply
On this day

But I awake at peace
With myself, the world, and him
Aware of his love for me
Unspoken, nonetheless true
His love
Proved in endless ways
In those years

I love you, Jim ❤

Ann Justin, May 8, 2014

(**Please see dream comment below for background info)

One comment on “Dream

  1. annj49
    October 9, 2014

    Jim dream

    I dreamed of my Jim last night. We were in a house somewhere. Not sure where, but I was falling for him all over again, even with all his annoying traits and habits 😉 We were just doing ordinary life things, but we were there together.

    At one point, I was lying there with him and I just looked up at his face in wonder and said “I love you” with my whole heart just out there. He just looked back at me, saying nothing, while I waited for him to speak those words back to me. Nothing. Inscrutable as ever. Nothing flickering over his face. No words. Just a restless movement in the end and I knew I would not get an answering “I love you” on this particular occasion, but it didn’t matter, as long as he heard me and he KNEW.

    Jim did not say the words “I love you” easily, in the romantic sense, but he showed his love for me in some very thoughtful and often romantic ways. When he was ready to give me an engagement ring, he arranged for someone on the street to play a love song for me and presented me with the ring there and then. He remembered all the special occasions. I would receive gifts and beautifully worded cards. He would sing songs to me in public that spoke of his love!

    In the practical sense he showed his love in that he worked very hard with his hands in all kinds of ways to provide for our household needs……, beach combing, and carpentry. He was tireless in providing for me and the family and he rarely complained about the work or the long hours.

    I awoke from this dream about my Jim with peace that I had spent time with this man I loved, mingled with some sadness that I had not heard him respond with an “I love you”, but then I remembered it wasn’t really his style and that was OK. It was enough that I knew. ❤


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