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Kiss the Son

Kiss The Son


So weary I am

Stressed to the limit….

Sucked of all energy,

This is me, what is in it?


I know God is speaking…

I’m not grasping His voice….

Was there somewhere I went wrong?

Some incorrect choice?


Your joy, God, escapes me

I am stuck in this fog

Listless, lethargic

Like a bump on a log


God, put me on the right track

Take what is wrong, forgive me

Renew me fully…..

And please bring me back!


So I read and I pray…..

THAT’S what was missing!

My communion with You

The Son I am “kissing”…….



Psalm 2: 11, 12, Psalm 25: 8-12, Psalm 119:33-40


(Ann Justin, Oct 22, 2009   “Kiss the Son”)

One comment on “Kiss the Son

  1. idiotwriter
    October 8, 2014

    Lovely words with a beautiful sentiment.
    SO funny how we wonder what is wrong with us and where God is…and then figure out it is WE who left and did not take time to be engaged in and with Him! Human nature and its cycles of silliness 😀


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