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Just An Unabashed Plug!

Hi everyone!

Doing something else new, just in case anyone out there would like to support me in my writing endeavours.

When I started this blog I had it in mind to collect material for a book one day. I have written lots, but I am still not sure what kind of book. A life story? A poetry book? A devotional? A combination of all three?

If you enjoy my writing, and would like to support me in any way, (even if it is just a cup of coffee ) you can find my paypal link on here somewhere. I think I put it in my intro?

However, today, someone I just met suggested an avenue that was entirly new to me, Patreon. I have no idea how useful it might prove to be, but I am always willing to venture out into new territory!

Here is the link, if you are interested.

If not, no worries! I appreciate you reading my posts and I have another blog entry for you to catch later!

Ann ❤

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