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Black Lives Matter? One Perspective….

Black Lives Matter?

YES, black lives matter….

Of course they do!

Historically, there has been gross mistreatment and abuse of black lives. Some attitudes from that era do indeed remain and are suffered by individuals today.

I’m not against the expression “black lives matter” except as it becomes divisive and negates other segments of the population, as is sometimes the case. Social media has, I believe, become over politically correct, as seen in the case below.

The media apparently has NO clue that what they are doing and saying can be utterly divisive and destructive to multi racial families who live the realities and truths of cultural acceptance and prejudice every day. Someone did not approve of this photo which rightly expresses the bonds and the love of this family, their non discriminatory voice in the midst of a highly charged political unrest over one particular race. It’s not politically “correct”!

(Post blocked by media…..

Picture exactly reflects my own family sentiments…..)

Probably very much like that family pictured in the post above, I lived the truth of this dilemma as a “white” woman married to a First Nations man with mixed race children for many years. Along with varying measures of acceptance, we all experienced racism in its different forms from different sources, in schools, in towns and villages, in stores, in hotels and even in churches.

Below, our own family pic from years ago…

ALL lives matter!

That’s the truth we lived…..

It was the necessary nature of our family unit.

AJ ❤

(Sept, 2020)

4 comments on “Black Lives Matter? One Perspective….

    September 6, 2020

    Hi Ann, I have been off my blog a long time. Trying to keep up again. I like your post. Sadly the media, especially certain types of media, has decided what should and should not be posted. It is not their place. Our granddaughter is half black and we now have custody over her. She is 16 and a half. Whew what at ride we have sometimes! But all in all she is a good kid. I have other family member that is married to a black man. Things have gotten way out of hand. Things are crazy enough with the Covid pandemic. My niece who is married to a black man doesn’t like the term All lives matter. She has fallen for a lot of the lies being spread. I hope you are safe and healthy. Take care. Thank you for your post.

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    • annj49
      September 6, 2020

      Thank you for the update and the encouragement re: the bog post. I worried about it a bit but thought it might resonate with some people and allow others another perspective to think on.
      Glad you are back!

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  2. Brian Harris
    September 6, 2020

    Hi Ann,
    I agree with everything you say here about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and that all lives matter but I think society needs to change in general. We need to treat each race of people on the same level no matter what their social status is. My brother who lives in San Jose is married to an American-Negro woman shows how the two races can live together in harmony and your photos show that as well. Colour should not define who we are and we need to learn to love and respect one another.
    I wonder how many of these folk who are rioting have fathers in the home, because that is where the trouble starts. If they are absent then the mother has to juggle two roles. Sons are growing up without a father in their homes and when they are hitting their teens the hormones are all over the place and they need a father to help them through this process. We are both well here with just the odd health issue and I just got over a bad dose of hay fever which stops me working for a week.
    We are in Level 2 here with Co-vid in most of the country apart from Auckland which the biggest cluster from a church group keeping them in 2.5. People are realising now that the shop(grocery) has plenty of stock on hand, so they don’t need to horde up more.
    Have a great week and keep smiling and walking with the Lord everyday.
    Regards, Brian

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    • annj49
      September 6, 2020

      Thanks for sharing, Brian, and the encouragement on the post.
      Good to hear from you…
      Glad you are both surviving over there in the land of the future 😉


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