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Adventures in Covid 19

Well, adventures in Covid 19….

I went shopping with a friend today for some allergy medicine and other supplement necessities. Got all of those, carefully practicing social distance, when, in the process, there on an otherwise empty shelf, I spied one last package of my favourite brand of bathroom tissue! I turned away, thinking I don’t quite need it yet, got a few rolls left, and then turned back to get it, thinking of the opportunity I might have missed! Yay for toilet paper!

Now to line up for my purchase. I noted the cute social distancing footprint signs on the floor and stood on my spot, moving forward as the line up gradually dissipated. It would be my turn soon….

A senior man on a scooter (a safe distance behind me in check out line) got off his scooter and shuffled by me at very close quarters, to the lottery ticket machine in front of me, thus blocking the newspaper rack where I was to get a paper for my friend, who had gone elsewhere to shop. It was a bit disturbing because I was trying to keep my distance but he was not. He was intent on his purpose. I held back.

The lady at the check out counter reprimanded him loudly, reminding him of social distancing rules, because I could now not get by, and he was blocking the news rack. He replied gruffly, without even turning around, “I don’t have the virus. I left it at home”. It was amusing but also a bit sad. I’m not that old yet that things or people and how you respond to them don’t matter anymore.

I was motioned by the clerk to go to another counter further away and was checked out there. As I was picking up my items after paying (without having managed to retrieve the paper) the senior man sailed right past me on his scooter at close quarters once again! I hope he WAS healthy and stays that way!

These are strange days, but I’m glad to still have a sense of humour and an excitement for life in general, amidst all of its quirks. It helps me to survive the bleakness of the times.

Tell me about your Covid 19 experiences!


2 comments on “Adventures in Covid 19

  1. Brian D. Harris
    April 4, 2020

    Hi Ann, Well I finished the first week of our country’s month long lockdown. Our Government closed down the country with only supermarkets, Pharmacies, Service Stations only allowed to remain open. It has been an interesting week at work as we were busy filling up the shelves, with 2 meters (6 ft) apart from one another and customers told the same(not always). Most of the time customers have shown respect and thanked us for the job we were doing with the best we could with what stock we had. People are encouraged to buy only the essentials, but looking at the trolleys you think that is and that isn’t. Like most can’t go without their alcohol fix and purely focus on just food, soap and cleaning items that are more important.
    Take care and stay close to our Loving Heavenly Father who is our strngth and our song as King David said.

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    • annj49
      April 4, 2020

      I forgot that you had to work in those conditions!
      Thanks for sharing, Brian….
      Stay safe!


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