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Monthly Archives: February, 2020

Daily Minute #6, Life is short

Feb 26, 2020 Life is short…. A breath….. A vapour… We are finite, in earthly bodies of flesh and blood but eternal God gifts us with spirit, for eternity. Hard … Continue reading

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Daily Minute 5

Time The rhythmic ticking of my mantle clock…..seconds mark the passing time. I ponder….. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 is a beautifully balanced description. 1 There is a time for everything, and a … Continue reading

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Daily Minute #4 “PLEASE BE SAFE”

“ Daily Minute #4 PLEASE BE SAFE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ God is not “SAFE”! He asks more than I could imagine! Only because I DO trust Him, I venture out! He’s “got” … Continue reading

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Sunday Blessings!

Feb 23, 2020 Facebook post: “Blessed at a different church (one I was not sure would be a “fit”) this morning, by an awesome message, (thanks Brian!) but unfortunately lost … Continue reading

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Daily Minute #3

Daily Minute #3 God will take care of you (based on the hymn in the link below) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you trust God? Do you know Him? If you do, you … Continue reading

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Daily Minute #2

Daily Minute #2 I have a PROBLEM , a CHALLENGE! It seems IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I don’t want to face it! It’s TOO HARD!!!!! 1. I WON’T do it! 2. I CAN’T … Continue reading

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A Devotional Minute, Daily Minute #1

20:20, 02 20, 2020 A FRESH START Thank you, God, for: 1. CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES 2. NEW BEGINNINGS! 3. NEW PERSPECTIVE 4. A chance to CHANGE 5. DAILY MERCY…… 6. … Continue reading

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Why Evangelicals Support President Trump

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By David Ettinger A Justified QuestionOn February 5, 2020, at a press conference the day after his acquittal from impeachment charges, President Trump used an…

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