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A taste of FAITH, a touch of LAUGHTER.

I Dream…….

I dream of writing a book

One day, I might……

The task seems overwhelming, though I did make a start I don’t remember when…..

I write EVERY DAY, about something or other, somewhere or other.

I just don’t write my BOOK!!!!

I dream of creating art

One day, perhaps, but probably not today…..

I like to draw and I do…

Just not enough

I WANT to paint, but I never do, though I HAVE, now and then.

I do create poetry often, however!

I dream of making music

One day, perhaps, I will write a song…

Occasionally, a line or two, or a phrase comes to me

I feel inspired!

I love to sing familiar songs, harmonize a little, play my accordion, sing and play for seniors

I just feel like there is this creativity I have not yet managed to tap into.

I feel limited vocally and in practical skill….

I dream of seeing the world

Some day…..

Perhaps another cruise with my brother?

A world cruise?

I was born in Scotland, came to Canada in 1972…

I’ve been to Spain in college days, twice.

I’ve been to the States…

I’ve been on a mission trip to Mexico

I do want to see MORE!


Ann Justin, November 17, 2019, for Stream of Consciousness (Linda G. Hill prompt)


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