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My WW Journey

It has been a over a year now since I joined Weight Watchers, now known as Wellness Workshops. What a journey!

It was a reluctant start. I’m not a real fan of groups. I like my privacy. I did not look forward to sharing my weight info with a group of strangers. Two friends encouraged me to start….

I’ve been on other journeys previously with weight loss using online apps, like MyFitnessPal and Lose It, but I gained weight back again after working very hard to get down to about 160 lbs through tracking calories. It was useful, and informative about nutrition, but a bit tedious.

However, here I was, getting dangerously close once again to the 200 lb mark where I had been about 15 years ago, and that scared me. I had been up to over 230lbs then, and I did NOT ever want to go back THERE!!!!

(Below is a pic of me at probably my heaviest)

So, I began this new journey with Weight Watchers (Wellness that Works) weighing in at 198.8 lbs (size 16 or so, I believe) at my first WW meeting. I sat back in the group and listened.

I learned about Freestyle and SmartPoints. I learned a different way to track foods. I was in a plan. I would pay my dues and be accountable, to my friends, to the group. There would be assistance from a coach and from the group. i would be rewarded regularly for my progress!

I’m here to say that this program WORKS, and the bonus is that once you achieve your set goal, you become what is known as a Lifetimer, and the program is free for life. It took me almost exactly one year to gain lifetime status, because I had over 50 lbs to lose to gain Lifetime status, to get into a healthy BMI zone for my age and height, but I discovered that it was well worth the financial layout. Now I know I can maintain a healthy weight. I have the tools!

So, here I am, sharing me and my journey, publicly, age 70, almost 60 lbs less than I started, finding myself surprised to be fitting into a size 10 pant and having room to spare! Wow! Amazing!

Happy enough and proud enough of my achievement to share publicly! YAY!!!!!

Thank you, God, for friends and health, and the determination to stick with the program ❤

AJ ❤ ❤ ❤

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