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Seeing My World….#1

I want to try to catalogue a photographic journey of sorts. When I’m out and about with my phone I enjoy spotting something I can capture in photo form.

I’m not the best photographer, and I just have my iPhone, but people seem to enjoy my photos, so, for what they are worth, I will make a start to sharing them here in a series entitled “Seeing My World”.

It is bothersome to my OCD nature to begin in the middle of things but if I don’t start now, I never will 😉 So, here we go….

(I also just need to BLOG! I have been REMISS!)

I was driving to a friend’s house when I saw this scene in front of me. I was fascinated and had to pull over to take this pic.

I love God’s creation. I love the artistry I see everywhere, in the elements and in nature. It’s my attempt to record some of it.

Someone has often told me that I see and capture things many other people don’t even notice. Another friend needs patience when I stop every few minutes on a walk, or when I step out in the middle of the road to get my best shot…haha!

Hopefully you enjoy my little moments in time……

It’s a start……

Ann ❤

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