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True Love Waits

Still wearing this necklace.
Still trusting in the message it holds, though it changes with me and my life.
Waiting, in expectation, faith and hope in the goodness of God.
Ann ❤

Ann's Corner

True Love Waits, August 3, 2012

The necklace I wear all the time reads “true love waits”……….
It has meant so much to me all these years….the same, but different…..depending on my circumstances.

I bought it when I was married. I think it was popular with the teens at the time, representing sexual purity before marriage, but when I saw it, it held a deeper meaning for me. It spoke more to me about the things going on in my life with my husband, in my marriage. It spoke of fidelity. It spoke of patience in many different periods of waiting. It spoke of loving through the struggles. It spoke of watching and waiting as my children grew and learned. It spoke of my relationship with God……learning to wait on Him in all matters of life.

When my husband James passed away, it spoke to me again, but this time…

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