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Happy Canada Day!

It’s our 150th birthday!



Our building society decided to offer cupcakes and cookies to our residents today, so I decided to snap a quick pic or two before they were all gone. Quite a nice spread!



Wishing you all a Happy Canada Day, wherever you might be…


(Looks like someone beat me to it and ate a cupcake already, haha! I see traces…..)


For those of you who may be interested, here is a First Nations perspective on Canada Day. It is a valuable read. (Thanks to my sister in law for this)


With love, from me to you!


Ann ❤



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2 comments on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for as Canadians! The lament by Chief Dan George was very touching. May our indigenous people heal from their many years of being oppressed and misunderstood.

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    • annj49
      July 2, 2017

      Due to close association with First Nations people over the last 40 years or so in Canada, and marriage to a First Nations man, I have come to identify closely with his people and their perspective is always on my mind. We are all immigrants here. I know I surely am (from Scotland in the ’70’s). I don’t think there is anything wrong with the celebration, to be enjoyed like any other special day, just that in doing so we need to be aware of that other perspective.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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