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Window Dressing


Walking at the mall, getting my exercise, my mind often works overtime. I walk by the various stores, and notice things. Some things strike me or grab my attention in some way. Sometimes ideas pop into my head that I want to write about.

Today I noted one of the windows in the mobility store, Rivercity Mobility. I stopped on my walk and snapped a pic before going on my way so that I could remember the thoughts it prompted.

I was struck by the window display. Someone had gotten creative with it and as I walked I thought about the effects of window dressing.

I noticed some other types of window displays as I continued on my way. I took more pics.

Some of these displays I had just walked by often without really noticing. Others had caught my attention every now and then.

Another one from A Cut Above…..


(There is a train track in this window)


This one from Rivercity Mobility had amused me sometime earlier on….I had to get the pic.


I went in to ask a worker if I could take one from the inside and got permission to take a couple…..


Still amused by the bear in bed 😉



Well, now I was looking and thinking.

Window dressing….hmmm.


Here is the definition of window dressing from 2 sources:

Cambridge Dictionary:

the skill of decorating shop windows and arranging goods in them so that they look attractive to people going past

The FREE Dictionary

a. Decorative exhibition of retail merchandise in store windows.

While I was pondering on the need of stores to do this sort of thing to attract customers and to display their wares, I thought about the way we present ourselves to the world, our outward appearance, and how we “window dress” to attract others to us or to draw attention to ourselves, with clothes, accessories and make up. I wondered about my own propensities and limitations in this direction.

I also thought about something Chuck Swindoll said once about women and make up, in one of his many sermons. He said “If the house needs painting, paint it!” Haha! I enjoy his sense of humour.

Outward appearances.

Drawing the eye.

The world is expert at drawing the eye to feed the appetite. We see it every day in advertising. Look at this. Do this. Buy that. Eat these. We are surrounded daily, everywhere we go, by this kind of attraction, allurement and temptation. We can be drawn in if it is done well. The world uses it efficiently and successfully.

A thought. How are we window dressing our lives? What do people see? Is this an important part of our Christian testimony? Or not? If it is, are we using it efficiently?

It is said the eyes are windows to the soul. How is your eye window “dressed”? What do people see when they look into your eyes? I remember once when I made serious eye contact with a certain man and what I saw there absolutely chilled me. Emptiness. Stark, bare, the doorway to the depths of a naked soul. It was an unexpected shock.

I hope people will see compassion, concern, laughter, integrity, peace and joy when they look into my eyes, or when they observe me as a person, but they might also see age, anxiety, sadness, and perhaps even fear or loneliness at times, either in my eyes or in my carriage and mannerisms. I think it’s good to be aware of this.

(Me, in a happy moment)

Another thought. What can we do, in the “window dressing” of our lives as Christians, to draw/attract people to Christ. Will they see Him in us? Will they want to know why we are the way we are? Will they want to explore the treasures inside, behind the “window display”, and perhaps seek to have some of the things they see there as their own, take them home, “wear” them too?

Just a few thoughts prompted by one window display today. Something to ponder.


Ann  🙂









4 comments on “Window Dressing

  1. Elizabeth
    October 6, 2016

    My sister’s brother-in-law was what I consider to be the best kind of Christian. He never talked about being Christian. He allowed his actions and words to prompt others to ask about why he was the way he was (kind, gentle, generous, funny). He died when he was only 30 but, to this day, I think “What would David do in this situation?” because what David did was always what I believe Jesus would have done in the same situation.
    And I really want that wheelchair!

    Liked by 1 person

    • annj49
      October 6, 2016

      Thanks for sharing that beautiful example of Christianity lived out well ❤ That's what I was getting at…..

      They did a really good job of pitching the wheelchair, huh? 😉 I love the umbrella and surrounding plants, and the chair, though I'm not ready for that yet 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elizabeth
        October 6, 2016

        My wheelchair is plain, black, and unattractive. Plus it’s gotten uncomfortable over the years. Ick.


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