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Help wanted

Does anyone experience problems editing in WordPress? I’m so frustrated with the process, and I am, by nature, generally a patient person with such things.

Here’s what happens, over and over again. I write a story, usually on the notepad of my iPhone. It just works for me. I make paragraphs and space things nicely. I copy and paste into  my WordPress blog. 

When I see it printed, I usually make revisions, because I see something I had not noticed, and usually because spacing has altered somehow. So, I make my way through the story, fixing the paragraphs and the spacing. I press update.

I check the result and discover that only one or two changes made it through. I rework and update. No changes appear. I rework and update many times and perhaps achieve another change here and there but sometimes things just stay the same throughout this laborious process. Discouraging.

I get tired. I give up and accept that it does not look the way I want it to look. Shucks….

Does anyone else experience this in using WordPress? I’d appreciate hearing from you….


 (frustrated and a little annoyed)

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