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Losing It….

July 14, 2016

Losing It….

Today I quietly let a friend know that she was wearing her sweater inside out, label and laundry instruction tags hanging out. She had not realized and we laughed and she thanked me. We are all getting old and forgetful, I thought to myself. I’ve done THAT one before!


Later, I was on the cell phone texting a friend, who decided to call me instead. We were talking about our separate sadnessess of the day. A lot had been going on with both of us…..

We spent some more time encouraging each other as best we could. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it? Share your sorrows, share your joys. Lend an ear. Bring some comfort. It really helped.


Before we hang up, she asks me if I have heard about an incident in Paris, a bombing, with 70+ people affected and as she continues talking, I’m thinking I have to look this up, so I look around for my phone to check in the web browser ( I like to multitask) and it’s not where I left it, where I had been using it. I’m still listening to my friend talk while I check the sides of the chair and the table and even the garbage can where it has fallen before.

I look in the kitchen and I’m thinking I need to ask my friend to call my phone (when she finishes talking) so I can find it. I’m heading to the bathroom to check to see if it’s there (it’s not) and my friend has finished talking about the incident and I’m about to ask her to call me when I realize that I am ON the phone, talking with her!!!!! THIS IS MY ONLY PHONE, my cell phone!!!!

I tell her and we both EXPLODE into laughter. I hang up and I can still hear her laughing loudly in the apartment beneath me.


Haha! 😉


Today, I come home from yoga, weights and walking, a bit sweaty in my casual non restrictive gear and want to change into something else for some more socializing in the building lounge. Well, I take off the offending top and change out of the sporty undies. Now I am looking for my black body hugging undershirt I had been wearing over the sports bra. Where did it go? I can’t find the silly thing. Good grief. How could it disappear like that? I’ve been losing track of a lot of different things lately, it seems.

Oh well. This is frustrating. I decide to put on a new blue undershirt, and a clean top over that, still puzzled by the disappearance of the original undershirt. Resigning myself to the mysteriousness of the loss, off I go downstairs for coffee.


Later, I’m at a friends and I’m pulling down the stretchy undershirt, like I habitually do, and it is coming waaay down. I look down at it. It’s the black one I lost! It’s pulling right out. Seems I had just popped it down under the bra, not taken it off! No wonder I could not find it! I was still wearing the thing! I had then put another right on top! I check and yes, I have the blue one on top of that! No wonder I was so hot!


I’m losing it, folks! 😉


Reminds me of a funny song by Tom Rush……


ENJOY!!!!!! 🙂 😛





AJ 😉 😛




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