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Gifts from the Spirit

I was given a surprising but very thoughtful gift from a brother in Christ tonight when I went to attend our church Gospel Community (small group) meeting. The gift is a hand carved soapstone cross for a necklace!

Wow! It’s beautiful!

This brother, I discovered, has been making these special gifts for members of our church family for some time now but I knew nothing about it. The soapstone from which the gifts are carved was brought from Nunavut, where he had been working. We talked and he shared the process that has been involved for him, depending upon the individual gift.

The actual order of events differs from gift to gift, but always involves prayer, finding the right stone and colour, “seeing” the shape and design of the carving in the stone, knowing the name of the recipient, and finally, giving the gift at the right time. What a work of the Spirit!

I am honoured, humbled and touched to have been the recipient of such a gift! God bless this man and his giving, gracious heart!




Beautiful…… ❤


AJ ❤

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    April 12, 2016


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