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Unexpected Beauty

I’d like to explain about this apple picture and what it means to me……

This apple speaks to me about what happened in the garden of Eden. When Eve was tempted to eat the apple, sin (disobedience to God, and thereby “missing the mark” of what is best for us) came about. But, the beautiful thing is that in our repentance for sin, God can slice right into that whole mess with his love and forgiveness, and make something beautiful and free come out of it, just like that wonderful butterfly in the illustration……

Our God is an awesome God!

Now, before you ask, this apple carving was not MY creation….it would be nice to know who to give the credit to…….

I found the picture while I was searching through clips on the internet for something to express how I was feeling that day, and God spoke to me and my need through that picture….all I did was write about it.

March 22, 2009, from a Facebook post of mine.

AJ ❤

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