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Some Cancer Info


“Since cancer is a symptom of an underlying imbalance, a person’s entire lifestyle and diet choices must change no matter what therapy is used to assist the body in eliminating cancer. Even with cancer remission, the underlying root cause(s) must be addressed.

No single therapy can replace a proper detoxification regime, the correct diet to rebuild the body, reducing stress, getting adequate restorative sleep, and other lifestyle choices that amplify the body’s healing environment. Oftentimes individuals who do not make the proper changes will experience a cancer relapse, whether they used chemotherapy, radiation, or the best alternative therapies in the world.

The question is… Are you willing to make the necessary changes?”


This is a good article that I want to share with you. I know I have had to make lots of lifestyle changes since my brush with cancer. I learned a lot about healthy eating and exercise.

I’ve also slipped up a lot lately. I worry about that sometimes, but I do know what I should be doing. It’s a matter of getting back into the right things again so that I can maintain my health.

Keeping healthy is an important discipline. As the article challenges, are we willing to do it?

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One comment on “Some Cancer Info

  1. annj49
    December 18, 2015

    Comments below the article are also interesting reading. One comment from Judy White discusses availability of a form of PNC-27 in the US…

    “see Mark Ellins’s you tubes:

    Below info is from Mark Ellins:

    PNC-27 IS available in the U.S. – we live in Florida and my wife is taking it twice a day using a nebulizer. Contact Patrick Bishop at 205-533-2300 (tell him you learned about PNC-27 here). It is legal to buy, ship and use this product in the U.S. and it is available as a liquid for use in nebulizers or as a suppository for rectal or vaginal use. We are seeing great results with very metastasized breast cancer that is also in the brain. PNC-27 crosses the blood:brain barrier so it is useful when fighting brain cancer and tumors. Most other therapies do not cross the blood:brain barrier and will not affect brain cancers. Learn more at”


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