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Out of Control

My email is officially out of control!

I have not the least desire to sift through the almost 2 thousand emails, 1,000 in Gmail and the rest in yahoo. I have been skimming for the important ones, that’s all.

How do I get this monster back under control? I need to set aside some time, find out what’s really important, even cancel some email subscriptions. Make life a little simpler.

Remember when the mail used to arrive at the door? It was an exciting day just to get mail. Usually it meant something. It was real news from out there, from a friend, or from family. It was important. Like this early one from 1966, asking my sister and I to go play accordion (or box, as they called it) for the Christmas Concert at the hall.


Now, that’s IMPORTANT! 😉 It’s also a great memory 🙂 My sister and I had the privilege of providing music at local events in our community.

Today, this was the latest I found in my electronic mailbox. Survey info, teacher info, health info. All good but do I really need it?


It’s no longer a pleasure when you feel you have to wade through a never ending stream of information.

Drowning in email…..


AJ 😉

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