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Once Upon a Log…..

A Silent Testimony…..

This picture of a log by the lake stirs something in me. It is just a dried out old chunk of wood, but it is still a thing of beauty, especially in its setting by the rippling water of the lakeshore. It is scarred, been sliced into, and I wonder if it has a story to tell?

Right now it is a silent testimony to a life once lived, a life as a seed, then as a sapling, then as a beautiful young tree, then as a mature tree with its leaves rustling in the wind, perhaps giving much shelter to many. Now it is spent and it rests by the peaceful shore.

What stories did it hear? What events did it see? What storms assaulted it? I wonder.

It makes me think of the many people who surround us. We don’t know the life story behind the immediate picture presented to us.

Don’t you wonder? Don’t you want to ask? There is so much more than the eye can see.

We all wear our scars and have weathered our storms. Maybe we should trade stories 😉

That’s an interesting prospect!

❤ ❤ ❤

AJ, October 8, 2013
(Thanks for the pic, Deborah Mary Emma Jardine )

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