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More Climbing Frame Than Man

Love this! 🙂


There seems to be something of a crisis in male identity and it’s easy to see why. Long gone are the traditional male roles, replaced by technology or increasing equality. I don’t blame either of those things but they have led to what might be viewed as societal emasculation.

For example, hunting has now been replaced by lazily clicking on a supermarket’s website. Warfare, whilst still happening, is not encountered by the majority. Bands of brigand soldiers don’t come roving through town slaughtering everyone in sight and taking all the good cutlery. Now we have epic RPGs to replace this experience. Or, if becoming a warlock isn’t your thing, Game of Thrones.

This extends to the idea of the man bringing home the money. When your wife earns pretty much the same (if not more) than you, it’s hard to declare grand-eloquently that you are working all the given…

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