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1. The first article is one I can agree with fully. I am not in favour of the ‘flu’ shot in particular, for reasons stated in the article. I think they are valid, though many of my friends (some who are doctors) disagree.

I made sure my children had healthy natural supplements and good nutrition as babies and toddlers, and I held off of other vaccines until my children were older (school age), when I felt their systems were strong enough to handle the effects of the vaccine. I saw too many young children become dreadfully sick anyway after taking shots. I was glad I had not put my children through that regimen.

2. The second article has some very valid and relevant points about vaccinations against different diseases, along with proven historical attestation to the success achieved with different diseases. I don’t feel that there is the same record of success with ‘flu’ shots, however, since that illness seems to change and mutate into something different every year, and I just do not agree with the solution offered. “Take this in case.” I simply have no time and patience for those shots, because I watched my husband (and others) get a ‘flu’ shot every year (he was on the list of the critically ill) and shortly after, he, (and others), would have a bad bout of some variety of ‘flu’ and be very sick indeed. I never took them and would not get sick at all, with any kind of ‘flu’. The article is a good read, though. and I’d recommend reading it.

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