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Christmas is over….


Christmas is OFFICIALLY over, with the end of Boxing Day.

However, in the family I grew up in, Christmas only began on Dec 25th and went through til Jan 6. We only put up our tree on Christmas Day, the first of the 12 days of Christmas, if indeed we had a tree to put up. I remember sometimes us kids looked for branches and made one, much like the “twigs” on sale in the stores these days. We enjoyed all things Christmassy, whatever they might have been for us, and it wasn’t much because we didn’t have a lot, until January 6, when Christmas was over.

I feel very disturbed when people toss their trees so quickly. Some tomorrow. Some wait til New Year, and then they toss. Something in me wants to shout “No! It’s not time! Leave it up!”. It’s just a thing with me. But it seems people are ready to be done with it, perhaps because they started so early. And they wonder why I still have my tree and decorations still there well into January.

Anyway, I’m not READY! So, Christmas, don’t GO! Stay awhile. Please?


2 comments on “Christmas is over….

  1. Dinata Misovec
    January 15, 2016

    I like to leave the Crhistmas lights up until spring. March 21 is the day to take them down.

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