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I love my dentist!

He is very good at what he does and he is my brother in Christ. I always pray for him as he is working on my teeth. He told me today he prays while he works.

He has been very kind in allowing me to make partial payments on work done that I cannot immediately afford and had discounted some costs.

Today I went to have a temporary tooth replaced with a proper crown. He showed me how “lovely” it was, so I dutifully admired it 😉

He worked around my mouth making sure everything was going to be OK, and as he was doing that, he came across some tender spots. While he was fixing that crown, he discovered the next tooth over (another crown) was very loose and in danger of popping out and that’s what was causing me the discomfort, not the temporary tooth as I had thought.

He said he had better take it out and re-cement it. I asked if that was going to cost a lot and he said, “Well, I’ll only charge you for the cement. If won’t be that much.” So I relaxed a bit.

When I went to pay the new bill, the lady at the desk said, “That will be $137….”. I’m quite sure my mouth fell open. I was thinking how much cement could possibly have been in that one little tooth? And why would he think $137 was not that much?

I’m struggling as it is to pay out $140 a month for the work on the one crown. All of my “extra” money outside of my budgeted funds is going to that. Not easy on a small pension. Now an extra $137?

She said I could just pay $20 or $40 a month if I wanted until it’s paid off. I need an installment plan for my installment plan! Hmmm. What can I sell, I wonder?

On a lighter note:

A friend texted me and I had the reply button open when the dentist was giving me parting instructions about care of the tooth. Somehow Siri got hold of his conversation and mine and and recorded it into the message box to my friend:

“So I don’t have anything you got a really biting into the steer our mall morning normal don’t rush your flight there is the stumping we put the cap on it went right around that one guy came loose and as a stump like that one only this one got an owner minutes thank you so much.”

Haha! Siri isn’t very bright, it seems!

AJ, Nov 21, 2014


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