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November 13, 2014

Yesterday I went to a town that has no cell tower, Gold River, B.C. I learned that day that there had been a cell tower proposal but the majority of the town residents vetoed the proposal for one reason or another. There is wifi available at local restaurants, however. A godsend? To some of us, perhaps 😉

I was visiting a teacher friend who lives in that town. Now this friend has never had a cell phone or a personal computer, so there was no wifi in her home. There was no wifi connection anywhere else to be found on the phone either. Time to rediscover the art of face to face conversation 🙂

It was an interesting time. We talked, went for a walk in the cold, ordered a hamburger from a street stall to take home, and drank hot chocolate in the nippy air while waiting for it to cook.

Back at her home, we ate our burgers, had ice cream, swapped life updates, shared a few pics, had tea and watched some TV. We decided to go to bed early.

There were books to read and I had my music on my iPhone. I had a Spider Solitaire game and a jigsaw puzzle game (neither required an internet connection). Both were fun to do. I was content. My phone charged for no reason in particular, it seemed.

We woke up after a good night of rest, had breakfast of home made muffin and fruit, in beautiful pottery dishes, with a candle flickering on the table. Then we ventured out again.

Brrrrrr! It was COLD out there! Frost everywhere! But it did warm up nicely. I took some pics. The phone had to be useful for something! Haha!

My friend had to work in the afternoon and I had to get home. Me and my silent phone travelled back to my home in CR. The roads were twisting and turning, so the drive required all my attention.

Suddenly, my phone came alive! Ding, ding, ping, buzz…….you have voicemail. Back to civilization! Tons of email, Facebook notifications, and messages from WordPress. Life had gone on while I was “off the grid”……..

I’m home 🙂

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