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Hospital Anecdote…

October 25, 2014

My brother, who lives in Scotland, calls me frequently. This morning, we were talking about aging, and he told me this story of when he had to be in Wick hospital as a patient.

In his room there was a man next to him, a patient in his 90’s sitting in a chair, mumbling over and over as he kept trying to unplug his catheter. He would frequently pull it right out, and the attending nurse, in her 40’s realized eventually that something needed to be done!

On this occasion, she duly scolded the patient and pulled the curtains across the bed. She was obviously trying to get the man out of his chair and back into his bed.

My brother could no longer see what was going on, but, as he listened, there was a sudden kerfuffle and then a voice cried out from behind the curtain.

Nurse: “Help! I’m trapped under a patient!”

Elderly patient: “Yeah, but I’m OK!”


This real life scenario amused my brother greatly and I thought it was surely funny enough to share 🙂

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