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A Conversation with God

A Conversation with God

Monday, May 24, 2010

This morning, after being sick for quite a few days, and capable seemingly of only sitting and then sleeping alternately, sometimes being on the internet, I was in my bible, reading 1 Corinthians 2: 6-16, on spiritual wisdom. It was yesterday’s reading, but I’m sure it was meant for today 🙂 God uses His word efficiently, how and when He pleases….

The devotional is titled High Tech Communication. As I read through it, it spoke deep into my heart about a current personal situation, and I understood in much more depth, the significance of what was happening in this relationship. It has been a struggle for me, even though I had a clear directive from God, through tears and prayer, and I have tried very hard to be obedient about it.

I have sought advice in various directions, and been confused by opinion, because human opinion is varied and sometimes “relative” more to the person giving it, even if it is coming from a Christian brother or sister. It still has to be filtered personally through God. This is just something I am learning.

I am also learning about “soul speak” (by this I describe deep meaningful talk, from soul to soul, between individuals) and this is what came through to me in this reading. I wonder how our soul care is doing? How much do we really care about the SOUL of another person? How open are we to what is going on in our OWN soul, not just the soul of another person, if we are even remotely interested in that. And if we are interested in the soul of another person, what are our motives? How much of what I do is actually truly “Spirit” led? Spiritual discernment is not easily come by… is a gift from God.

I wanted to share this “conversation” with God that happened after my reading. My own “conversations” with God have not been long and involved ones…..usually a sentence of great impact here and there, but treasured. How do we know it is God speaking? You just KNOW. Do you “hear” him? Yes, and no….it’s not audible in the human sense, but it is recognizable “speech” from Him into your spirit that you “hear”. So, I take a bit of a risk and share this little “conversation” with you in the hope that it is encouraging to someone else, and not just me….


“What is HAPPENING to me, Lord? (I’m doing a work in you….)

I KNOW You are doing a work in me… I coming HOME soon then? (No, I have things for you to do…..)

OK…………..but how am I going to DO them in “this” condition? (I will equip you…..)

HOW? How will you take this “lump” and USE it? How will you take this “sickness” and inactivity, this often time depression of mine and USE it? (How I am using it NOW…….)

OK……………… You need to show me each step of the way, because I don’t want to put my foot wrong. I don’t want to be outside of Your will. (You won’t be……)

Thank You, thank You Lord! (I love you……)

You do? (Yes, I do…..)

Lord, You have made me smile!! Amen and amen!! I love You Lord ❤


How precious a conversation is that? ❤ It was short…it was swift….there was no hesitation in Him. Answers to my questions were immediate and comforting. I just knew I had been blessed by Him…….. 🙂

I hope this helps someone out there……

God loves YOU……. ❤

4 comments on “A Conversation with God

  1. Susan Irene Fox
    October 18, 2014

    Thank you, Ann, for sharing this intimate conversation. He can be sweet and comforting to those of us willing to listen. 🙂


  2. JoAnne Silvia
    December 26, 2014

    I enjoyed reading this. My conversations with God are usually just one question and a clear and immediate answer, even if the answer is “wait”. I’m still amazed by the clarity of the answer, so I usually just say ok, or thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • annj49
      December 26, 2014

      Cool 🙂
      Thanks for reading 🙂


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