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An Angelic Visitor

An Angelic Visitor


Does God still send angels?

I believe so……

I was particularly distressed one day, and I took off from the house and sought my solace in a long walk on the beach, where I could think and pray. I hardly noticed the dog who had come alongside me.

I sat for a while at a stump on the beach and cried out to the Lord and prayed in tears as I thought about how God sometimes sends an angel to comfort or direct us. “Lord, I need and angel today………if only you would send me an angel……”

As I looked up, there was the dog, just sitting there patiently, gentle eyes on me, loving me unconditionally  and just waiting……I felt the love from this creature, who had no words to say anything to me but “Here I am. I am here…..I LOVE you……”

Then I realized, God had sent this “angel” of unconditional love to be my comfort right at that moment. Tears gone, I felt a smile coming as I reached out to return this wonderful love to my faithful companion……

Yes, God had sent me an “angel” to instruct me in the way of love…..<3

Ann Justin, March 4, 2012

One comment on “An Angelic Visitor

  1. Gwen
    October 18, 2014

    And, he was sent there before you even asked. hehe. God is very mindful. He knows our thoughts from afar off. Precious story. (y)(y)(y)


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