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A Morning

I saw someone’s challenge to write about a typical morning, so I made a sort of a photo “record” of my morning yesterday


Wake up, open the curtains, air the bed for a while…..yep, there are people out there 😉


Visit the bathroom. I like my bathroom cabinet. I had fun decorating it and I like to see it every day.


The sign above the sink reminds me while I am in there that I have a beautiful granddaughter to love and to cherish, a newly adopted grandson and granddaughter to get to know,  and a precious grandson on the way!


Ok. My soft and furry friends sit on guard by the cereal. I know, it’s crowded up there. But I love to see my little friends.
I have choices to make. Which cereal should I have today? Hmm, I’ll make some tea while I think about that…..I love my mini Keurig!


Rooibos tea, my favourite! What a way to start the day! Now what am I going to eat?


Decided against the cereal and had a lovely bagel instead. Lots of butter! Yummy!!!!
Breakfast done. Time for a devotional. Yay! It’s one about heaven! This was a very good read. The devotional is by Charles Price, of Living Truth and the monthly booklet is called “My Daily Journey with Christ”. I sure appreciate the lessons I get from it.


After that, it’s time for some Scrabble…..


Or, Words with Friends….


Or BOTH! I LOVE word games!!!!!! I usually play between 5-10 or more games at once between the two apps. Gotta keep the mind SHARP!!!!
Then I go down and check out the coffee crew in the entry lounge. Here are a few of them from another day, since I did not snap a pic yesterday. Coffee is on until 4 pm, and it’s a good spot to sit and get to know the neighbors.


Then, of course, I have to check my BLOG!!!!! I need to write a POST! Haha!

Here it is!

My morning……



Update! :

Wow, I forgot the most important thing about wanting to write this post! When I saw the prompt, this beautiful song came to mind. It was going to be my whole post, but I forgot when I sat down to my blog……and I just took pics and wrote instead.


Here is the song……ENJOY!



Ann ❤







5 comments on “A Morning

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  2. Bernadette
    August 11, 2016

    Looks like you had a lovely morning.

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  3. penneyvanderbilt
    August 11, 2016

    Reblogged this on KCJones.

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