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Call the Midwife!


Have been watching a show called “Call the Midwife”, on Netflix. I’m enjoying the Britishness of it, the children in school uniforms, the brick buildings, the accents.

It’s an excellent series, full of the rawness of life at the time, and it explores poverty, faith, love, the care of nursing and the bringing of new life into the world by the midwives. I love how the characters are coming to life in the series.

Tonight, there was a scene about an old street lady, and it was possibly the holiest of things I have seen in a long time. Squalor and filth, despair and anger, dismissed gracefully by genuine love and beautifully tender care.

The frail shine on the face of the old woman receiving this loving care at the hands of the two midwives. This scene is etched in my mind of getting her ready for the bath and the process of them bathing her. Pure love. The holiness of the ordinary.

It has me thinking deep thoughts.

Good series….

AJ ❤

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One comment on “Call the Midwife!

  1. cdog5
    January 9, 2015

    May have to check this one out, Ann. I’ve also been thinking of playing “catch up” and starting to watch “Downton Abbey.”


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